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1. What proof of vehicle replacement do I need to provide?
The final signed car dealer purchase agreement (often the CCAQ form), with the correct delivery date and the VIN.

2. What is the maximum vehicle value (before tax) allowed for Replacement Insurance?
The vehicle’s value before tax cannot exceed $150,000.

3. If my customer’s vehicle exceeds the maximum value of $150,000, can I still insure the vehicle for the maximum value?
No. Unfortunately, you would not be able to offer Replacement Insurance. Any claims would be inadmissible.

4. What is the maximum vehicle net weight allowed for Replacement Insurance?
The net weight cannot exceed 4,500 kg. The gross vehicle weight is not factored into vehicle eligibility.

5. Can I get a courtesy car (QEF 20) even if I don’t have this coverage in my QPF No. 1 contract?
Yes. QPF 5 can cover a courtesy car if you don’t have coverage under QPF 1, or the amount of coverage is insufficient.

6. If I have a claim but I only need QPF No. 5 to cover a rental car, will QPF 5 still apply in the event of a claim?
Yes, if you don’t have enough coverage under your QPF No. 1 (and subject to the policy conditions).

7. Do I have to factor the manufacturer’s rebate into the vehicle price when calculating the QPF No. 5 premium?
Yes. We must take all applicable rebates into account, including the government’s electric vehicle rebate.

8. Does the purchase price have an impact on the settlement of a total loss claim if the vehicle is new?
No. For new vehicles, the purchase price paid for the insured vehicle does not affect the settlement of a total loss claim.

9. Am I required to replace my vehicle in the event of a total loss? If so, does the type of vehicle matter (new, leased, used A or used B)?
You are always required to replace your vehicle in the event of a total loss, no matter the type of vehicle.

10. Up to how many kilometres are demonstrators considered new vehicles?
To be insured in the same way as new vehicles, demo vehicles must not exceed 15,000 km.

11. How do I calculate the Replacement Insurance premium for a vehicle in the 60+ days used vehicle (“used B”) category? What do I base the premium on?
To determine the vehicle value, we need to ask the insured how much they think the vehicle is currently worth.

12. In the event of a partial loss, would my used vehicle be repaired using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?
OEM parts coverage is available only for new and demo vehicles. We don’t get involved in settling claims for used car parts; in those cases, claims are settled based on the estimate approved by the primary insurer.

13. What commercial classes are eligible for Replacement Insurance?
Commercial classes 33, 35, 36, 43 and 44 (with deliveries) are eligible. The vehicle net weight cannot exceed 4,500 kg.

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