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If Quebeckers can take advantage of a replacement warranty and replacement insurance, it's because of the hard work of Cime and partners these last few years. Their efforts have had an enormous IMPACT on the replacement warranty market in Quebec Province.

Our mission
Right from the beginning, Cime had understood that the success of their product’s was based on two essential elements - firstly, the excellence of the product, and secondly, adequate training for all personnel involved in selling and managing the program in the brokerage firms themselves.

The team from Cime's training department has put together an exhaustive training program for the product L'IMPACT II which can be tailored to suit the needs of individual brokerage firms - and it's FREE.

L'IMPACT II is just the beginning. Cime is working on a number of other products related to the automobile insurance market and financing. Products that will be of great interest and backed up by fully comprehensive training courses. Cime hasn't finished making an IMPACT!

What does it mean, Cime?
During the year 2000, the team of founders had been extremely impressed by Bernard Voyer's account of his ascension of Mount Everest. The word Cime is a French word meaning summit, and the two most important summits of the Everest chain, seen in many photographs of the region, were illustrated in Cime's previous logo. The word Cime is also an acronym of the four French words Consultation, Innovation, Méthodologie and Enseignement.

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